Guild Message of the Day - January 30th
Research Heroic Blackenspore as well as Heroic Ko'Ragh!! We will be going to Blackrock Foundry on Tuesday...STUDY UP!!!

Flarpy Noctem News

By: Tarp - January 26th

7/7 N, 3/7H! Amazing Job FN!

Amazing week, more progression to come!

By: Tarp - January 26th

7/7 N!!

Awesome week!!

  • Lìwanu: Dat bear ass
By: Tarp - January 20th

3 Raids, Big wins!!

6/7 N, 1/7 H!

  • Yennifer: Slime pipes!
By: Tarp - December 29th


We are coming back on Mal'Ganis as a casual raiding guild. Raiding starts January 6, raid times from 8-11 CST Mondays and Tuesdays. Let's get ready to rumble!!

By: Intensicles - August 27th

Oh Yeah!

You know this gives you a boner!

By: Tarpoon - May 23rd


All hail Zahrul

  • Zahrul: sexy beast imo.
  • Sprayandprey: grats, boss!
By: Tarpoon - April 14th

Heroic Halfus down...keep em coming!

  • Intensicles: Look at Sprayandprey crying off to the side.
  • Sakuragi: big ups to the hunters that passed me the staff *big grin
  • Huritt: Glad we finally killed that SoB... get some 372 loots out :D
  • Threzk: wow grats you guys that's great!
  • Sorulsis: and the amazing part was, it was a nice clean kill also!!!
  • Amysunrider: Palm tree power!
  • Sprayandprey: WHYD YOU HAVE TO BREAK MY HEART?! and also big ol grats to OC.
By: Tarpoon - March 27th

Nef down...finally!! 12/12 baby!

  • Tarpoon: what a terrible SS...muh bad!
  • Sakuragi: I still think Its OC`s super rebirth on Hurritt :P lol, jk jk
  • Maerlina: My dick was hard this entire fight. It is the reason we won
  • Vorstus: I was playing with my dick by that point, which is probably why I died too soon but then came back at the end.
  • Huritt: That was an epic kill!
  • Sorulsis: I guess hands on dicks helps out a lot right?
  • Sakuragi: Yes! It makes all the difference between a kill and a wipe
  • Soteria: Glad to be apart of such a great kill!!! was boss!
  • Azalanar: AWESOME!!!! Congrats everyone!!
  • Møsdef: Grats Gangsters! Keep it gangsta
By: Tarpoon - March 24th

Ala'kir down...11/12!

gogo nef!

  • Noobstîck: i hate u all, though it was called so i logged :( gj though
  • Vorstus: Ha ha! actually visible in this picture.
  • Azalanar: I'm soo bummed I couldnt make it last night, my work has really hit me with a ton of work :-(. Oh well its almost all done so back into the normal raiding soon :-)GRATZZZ!!! BTW
By: Tarpoon - February 14th

Cho'gall 25m down!!

Bout time!

  • Unomeme: Was all my defensive CDs that finally did it.
  • Vorstus: bah, knew I should've stood a little further to the left.
  • Bromabull: grats it would be night i had to be late u kill him:( but glad it now down
  • Tmarcirl: all me, sayin split up THE DEEEPZ~~~
  • Intensicles: Indeed. Props
  • Tmarcirl: thats pro status IMO
  • Kense: all do to kense's pro standing in fire for free deathcoils imo
  • Ethics: honestly, i tried standing in teh fire, but I didn't get free deathcoils...

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