Guild Message of the Day - December 18th
Now Recruiting everything!

Flarpy Noctem News

By: Intensicles - August 27th

Oh Yeah!

You know this gives you a boner!

By: Ferbmcgiggin - May 29th

The Reboot

Guild Philosophy

We will, in the immortal words of Bill & Ted, “Be Excellent” both at WoW and to each-other. We expect to kill all bosses in each expansion on normal difficulty and some but not necessarily all bosses in each expansion on heroic difficulty. Everyone always has room for personal growth; as a guild we will help each-other see that growth. We want a culture of 'Excellent' that everyone can participate in.

By: Tarpoon - May 23rd


All hail Zahrul

  • Zahrul: sexy beast imo.
  • Sprayandprey: grats, boss!
By: Tarpoon - April 14th

Heroic Halfus down...keep em coming!

  • Intensicles: Look at Sprayandprey crying off to the side.
  • Sakuragi: big ups to the hunters that passed me the staff *big grin
  • Huritt: Glad we finally killed that SoB... get some 372 loots out :D
  • Threzk: wow grats you guys that's great!
  • Sorulsis: and the amazing part was, it was a nice clean kill also!!!
  • Amysunrider: Palm tree power!
  • Sprayandprey: WHYD YOU HAVE TO BREAK MY HEART?! and also big ol grats to OC.
By: Tarpoon - March 27th

Nef down...finally!! 12/12 baby!

  • Tarpoon: what a terrible SS...muh bad!
  • Sakuragi: I still think Its OC`s super rebirth on Hurritt :P lol, jk jk
  • Maerlina: My dick was hard this entire fight. It is the reason we won
  • Vorstus: I was playing with my dick by that point, which is probably why I died too soon but then came back at the end.
  • Huritt: That was an epic kill!
  • Sorulsis: I guess hands on dicks helps out a lot right?
  • Sakuragi: Yes! It makes all the difference between a kill and a wipe
  • Soteria: Glad to be apart of such a great kill!!! was boss!
  • Azalanar: AWESOME!!!! Congrats everyone!!
  • Møsdef: Grats Gangsters! Keep it gangsta
By: Tarpoon - March 24th

Ala'kir down...11/12!

gogo nef!

  • Noobstîck: i hate u all, though it was called so i logged :( gj though
  • Vorstus: Ha ha! actually visible in this picture.
  • Azalanar: I'm soo bummed I couldnt make it last night, my work has really hit me with a ton of work :-(. Oh well its almost all done so back into the normal raiding soon :-)GRATZZZ!!! BTW
By: Tarpoon - February 14th

Cho'gall 25m down!!

Bout time!

  • Unomeme: Was all my defensive CDs that finally did it.
  • Vorstus: bah, knew I should've stood a little further to the left.
  • Bromabull: grats it would be night i had to be late u kill him:( but glad it now down
  • Tmarcirl: all me, sayin split up THE DEEEPZ~~~
  • Intensicles: Indeed. Props
  • Tmarcirl: thats pro status IMO
  • Kense: all do to kense's pro standing in fire for free deathcoils imo
  • Ethics: honestly, i tried standing in teh fire, but I didn't get free deathcoils...
By: Tarpoon - February 13th

Hooray free guild chest!


  • Tarpoon: So much win, it's not even funny
  • Maerlina: 5th try is a charm
  • Intensicles: The product of 20m of work.
  • Bromabull: still cant access it lol:)
By: Tarpoon - February 2nd

First 25m guild run = WIN!!

Cho'gall 25m tomorrow night!

By: Tarpoon - January 30th

BoT Council! and Cho'gall to 12%...going down next week


  • Tarpoon: Man I'm hot in all that T-6...too bad my SS was too far away >.<

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